the perfect cake pop placecards

Everything about our wedding was distinctly "us", and the placecards were no exception. 
I decided to make them myself. And of course no ordinary placecard would do... 
I decided to make mine using cake pops.

I started by printing out the guests' names out on colored paper. I also printed some extra tags
that called out the type of cake pop, so people would know what they were getting.

I used a 1- 1/2" decorative punch for the name tags- bought at a craft store.

Then punched each with a standard hole punch, above and below the text.

Once the cake pops are made, the tags slide easily onto the sticks!

I printed and punched out all of my tags ahead of time to help save on last-minute stress.

Two days before the wedding, I enlisted my mother, sister, and two bridesmaids to help bake, 
make, and assemble the pops! I decided on three flavors to use: vanilla cake dipped in pink 
candy coating, peanut butter cake dipped in chocolate, and german chocolate cake.

Back in March I posted the recipe for peanut butter cake pops.

Those went over so well I knew we had to use them again! 
To differentiate the german chocolate pops (also dipped in chocolate) I toasted up some coconut...

and sprinkled it over the pops while the coating was still wet.

Note that these cake pops are standing upright... I did that so we wouldn't have to figure out a
way to display them that would hold the sticks. Plus, this puts the name tags upright and in view. 
Once the pops were dry, we put them in small cellophane bags and closed them with twist ties.
Last, we added the name tags.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take some close-up shots of the finished goods!

So I am "borrowing" this shot my friend took on her phone at the reception :)
Aren't they adorable? 

The cake pops were a great way to personalize our wedding. Easy to make and much more interesting than a simple slip of paper. Plus it gave everyone something sweet to snack on during cocktail hour!


  1. I laud you copiously for taking these on! How many guests did you guys have at your wedding? What a great personal touch.

  2. Thanks! We had just under 100 guests, though we made about 120 cake pops. 1 cake recipe usually makes between 35-40 pops... I baked 3 cakes and just made extra pops until the cake was used up.

  3. they were super adorable! and a great conversation piece. and veryyyy delicious.

  4. Hello, I want to make tags for my cake pops. I have the punch from scrap booking but can u give me instructions on how to print names on paper on computer. I just got a MacBook and can't figure it out..thanks..

  5. I created a word document and tried a few different things with tables to get the spacing right... it will depend on how big your punch is how far you will want to space them apart. I did a few test runs with scrap paper before I got mine right and printed on the good paper.

  6. What type of paper did you use? I am taking this project on for my September wedding.... Stressed!! =\

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