chocolate-dipped peanut butter cake pops

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: One of the world's most perfect combinations.

Ever since I made the Peanut Butter Cupcakes a few weeks ago, I've been thinking of
turning them into cake pops. My friend Lisa has been dying to try cake pops
ever since I discovered them on Bakerella and started making them-
so her birthday was the perfect occasion to try these out!

Follow the recipe for the peanut butter cupcake mix, but bake in a cake pan instead. 
I would suggest splitting this into TWO cakes... mine took 45 minutes at 350 to bake all
the way through in one 9 inch round pan. I had to put some foil on top for the last
15 minutes because it was getting pretty brown... it came out alright, just took a long time.

Let the cake cool completely before crumbling and mixing with the icing, 
following the instructions we used for the football cake pops
Except this time I made them into small spheres, not football shapes. 

Dip the end of a lollipop stick into some melted chocolate,
then stick it in the cake ball to "glue" them together.

Let dry, then dip the entire pop into chocolate.

Since this was a birthday party, I wanted to dress the pops up a little. 
I dipped them into some pink sugar while the chocolate was still wet.

They came out really cute!

And of course tasted delicious :)


  1. Do you anything different then bakerella w/ frosting ratio? I have tried these a couple of times and I just don't like how wet they are. Maybe I just don't like cake pops, but they are so cute and yours look delicious.

  2. She calls for half a can I think? I use a bit less than that so you get more cake flavor and not just sweet frosting. Really you only need enough to bind the cake so it's moldable and the chocolate/candy coating will hold it together.

  3. aweeeee i love that you "dressed them up!" so cute!!

  4. I love peanut butter, so the cake mix sounds divine. What flavor icing did you mix in?


  5. I used vanilla frosting the first time, but when I made them for my wedding I used half vanilla frosting and half peanut butter. They were good both times, but using PB makes them less sweet and more nutty.

  6. I was thinking of trying it with chocolate icing.. do you think that may be too much? :)