it's finally here!

After some difficulties with my online order, it finally arrived:

Bakerella's Cake Pops Book!

Here's a peek...

Bakerella starts the book with pages of tip and tricks and basic cake ball and cake pop 
instructions, including how-to photos. Then she goes into detail on how to assemble more than 40 
adorable cake treats... some familiar from her website, some we've never seen before. 
One other great feature most people don't think about: the book is spiral-bound
so it will actually lay flat when you've got your hands full of cake!

AND she dedicates an entire page to sprinkles!
How can you not love this book?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do!


  1. Cute! I'm requesting some pops for Thanksgiving with the Austins! (My favorite is the German Chocolate, if you have time to make them when you are back in MI!) :)

  2. LOVE bakerella! So many cute treats... cake pops are too much work for me but I'm excited to see YOU make some :)


  3. I think I'd like to try to make some Christmas Cake Pops for my Christmas with Jared's family!

    Can I request you make them first?

    Or maybe you could suggest something easier?
    I hate to just buy something from the store ; )

    <3 - Danielle