pumpkin pecan chocolate chip cookies

Happy Halloween everyone! The treat I have for you today is one of my favorite recipes 
from Bakerella's blog: pumpkin pecan chcolate chip cookies!


punkin ale and pumpkin cake pops

One of my favorite things about fall is the abundance of pumpkin flavored things.


cheesy bacon and onion quiche

Quiche is an awesome breakfast. Or Brunch. Or lunch. Or even dinner.
It's warm and savory and full of whatever ingredients you have on hand. The recipe I made 
here uses bacon, spinach, onion, and cheddar cheese... but the variations are endless 
depending on your tastes and the contents of your pantry!


how to: make apple-shaped cake pops

 I wanted to post some detailed instructions about the apple cake pops I made when we 
went to the orchard a few weeks ago. That was not the first time I had made apple cake pops. 
 Last fall I made them as my first cake pops ever, and took photos step-by-step. 
Instead of re-taking all the photos, I thought I would post them so you can see how much 
your photography can improve with a year's practice :)


coming soon!

I've got a ton of fall recipes, photos, and adventures to share with you, but I'm a little backed up on editing right now. So, I thought I'd let you have a sneak peek of what's coming in the next few weeks:

Pumpkins, and lots of 'em!