peanut butter cupcakes

EDIT: this recipe was featured on the Tasty Kitchen website on 3/2/10

This recipe actually comes from my fiancee's family, so I'm going to let him introduce it...

"When Jamie first decided to start this blog, I told her she had to make my Great-Aunt Bug's 
peanut butter cupcakes. Bug was a classy lady. As the story goes, she spent a number of years 
living on her own in New York City in an era when that sort of thing just wasn't done by 
single women. She amassed a rather large collection of antiques, big city culture and 
a wealth of scratch recipes. When she returned to the family farm in Blue Rapids Kansas, 
she took to setting up her home and swapping recipes with her friends and family.
These peanut butter cupcakes have been baked for generations with love and butter, 
by fiercely independent and classy ladies."


red velvet whoopie cream pies

I have a small confession to make: these are not from scratch. I cheated.
But they were still delicious.
My fiancee bought me a special pan from Williams Sonoma for Valentine's Day...


buttermilk banana-nut bread

I love banana bread. I could eat an entire loaf by myself. One warm butter-slathered slice at a time.

This version of the recipe was actually a happy accident- I had everything on hand to make banana bread except for milk. So I substituted in buttermilk. The bread came out dense and rich and oh so moist. I'm never going back to using real milk again.


cheddar jalapeno cornbread muffins

These cornbread muffins are unbelievably easy to make, and incredibly delicious. I got the recipe out of the Cupcakes! from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook which my future sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. (Along with a very cute apron, I might add!) If you've never heard of the Cake Mix Doctor, she takes box mixes and adds simple ingredientsto make something that is as easy as a box mix but tastes a little more homemade. 
Trust me. These muffins are seriously easy, and seriously delicious.


football cake pops

Let me introduce you to... cake pops. Adorable bite-sized portions of cake
on a stick. They can be shaped and decorated like just about anything. But since
it's SuperBowl weekend and I have a party to host tomorrow, we are
making footballs. The original cake pop recipe comes from one of my favorite
baking sites, Bakerella. Check out all of her awesome cake pop designs,
and other adorable baked goods.