asian pork tacos

So I showed you how to make spicy pickled onions
Now I want to show you something to put them on:

 Asian pork tacos.


spicy pickled onions

Have you ever pickled anything? You can pickle just about anything.
And it's easy... you let time [and vinegar] do the work.

Pickled onions have a lovely tangy bite.
But they're even better with a little added spice...


game day mexican layer dip

College football season has officially begun! For those of you who don't know, 
I cheer for the Michigan State Spartans. I graduated from MSU a few years ago. 
I met my Husband there. My Grandfather both attended graduate school and taught there. 
And many many of my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins from both sides of my family 
attended as well. [including my brother who is a sophomore there this year- Hi Eric!]

One game day tradition I have when hosting a tailgate is to make mexican layer dip.
And I've discovered a fun way to make it even more football appropriate.

By turning it into a football field!