Fried Chicken at Lady and Son's

Y'all know who Paula Deen is, right?
And y'all know she has a restaurant in Savannah, GA?

Well of course I had to go while I was there on vacation!


bake sale!

Head on over to check out all the delicious goodness... you can find my cake pops on page three : )


updates and a bake sale!

Hi friends! Just popping in to let you know Blogger had been having some issues this week.
You may have seen a post or two disappear, or even reappear... it's not me, I swear!
I won't repost anything for a bit, hopefully it will all work out and reset itself 
[and this post won't go anywhere!]

BUT I did want to take the chance of posting to let you know some exciting news...
I've donated a dozen of my chocolate-dipped peanut butter cake pops 
to be part of a bake sale fundraiser over on Carrots N Cake next Monday May 16th!

So please head on over next Monday... you can bid on my cake pops 
or any of the other "donated" baked goods to help raise money for Team in Training.
I will post the link to the sale once it's up... Happy Weekend!


Savannah Pralines and River Street Sweets

Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? It's a lovely town.
Near the ocean, just oozing with Southern charm.
They have beautiful historic homes and 22 green squares decorating their streets.
I could totally move there and spend my life lounging on a sprawling porch, reading a book, 
while I drink [un]sweet tea with mint and lemon. And of course eating pralines.