bacon chive cheese dip

I thought that after all the Valentine's sweets,
we could use something savory.
And cheesy. And garlicky. And... bacon-y.

Enter, the bacon chive cheese dip.


mocha love brownies

So Valentine's Day is just around the corner, 
and you need a delicious [but easy] idea of what to bake your loved ones.

Your answer:

Mocha Love Brownies


food photography tips

Hi! Just popping in to let you know I wrote a guest post on food photography  
over at the 52 Week Project site. If you've ever been interested in 
food photography but found it a little intimidating, or just want a look 
into how I shoot my photos here, you might want to take a peek! 
Also, the 52 Week Project site is pretty cool itself : )



valentine cupcake bites

Ever since I discovered cake pops, I've wanted to try my hand 
at the cupcake-shaped ones that Bakerella posted long ago. 
But once I started rolling, I decided to make these 'bites' without the stick.


super bowl bites

It's that time again, friends!
Everyone [Husband and myself included] 
is planning their SuperBowl party menus.

Last year, I whipped up some football cake pops.