Happy Halloween + mummy cake pops

Happy Halloween everyone!

Just popping in to show you these adorable mummy cake pops 
I made [a la Bakerella] and wish you lots of treats tonight!


pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

It's just about the perfect time of year for pumpkin baked goods, don't you think?


candy corn cookies

Raise your hand if you've heard of Pinterest.
OK, keep your hand up if you are [like me] completely addicted to Pinterest.
Good. Now I'm going to show you a recipe idea I found on Pinterest.
I've been pinning ideas like crazy, but this is the first recipe I've actually made:

Candy Corn Cookies! I used my own vanilla cookie recipe instead of
the lemon one in the original post, but I followed her basic instructions.


home made apple sauce

Husband and I have started a new tradition.
Every fall, we head to the local orchard to pick apples.

And then we make apple sauce.
It's as easy as easier than pie.