peanut butter + chocolate whoopie pies

Fun fact: two years ago today, I made my very first post on this blog!

Today, we're taking two old recipes and making something new: 
peanut butter + chocolate whoopie pies.


instagram and other things

I've had a few emails about how I edited the photos in my egg muffin post.
They looked kindof like this...

Well, it's not a secret; it's instagram! instagram is an app for iPhone [and I think iPod touch] that lets you take square-format photos and edit using an array of filters and then posts to whatever social media you send it to: twitter, flickr, facebook, tumblr, etc.


breakfast egg muffins

Happy 2012! Let's start the year off right with a good breakfast.
These egg muffins are super easy and super versatile.
[Not to mention super tasty.]