vanilla spritz (kindof)

Well, I had one last cookie recipe to post before Christmas: traditional vanilla spritz.

Unfortunately, I left the recipe back on the east coast 
and I'm already home for the holidays!

If you Google "vanilla spritz", there are plenty of recipes out there, 
and if you have a cookie press it may have even come with some recipes (mine did!)
So today I will leave the recipe to you, and just share the photos...

Mix your dough and fill into the press' reservoir.

Place flat on a baking sheet and pull the trigger.

And perfect little cookies will soon fill up your sheet.
Just bake, and decorate!

My friends and I had a lot of fun decking out our little trees and wreathes. 

I have a pretty serious sprinkle collection, and we put it to good use.

(And we got to the decorating part a lot faster than rolling and
cutting out sugar cookie dough.)

The cookies came out crisp and full of vanilla flavor, and were delicious even plain.
But with a bit of sweet frosting they make a great complement to a cup of coffee.

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