Ebelskiver.  Isn't that a fun word?
And ebelskivers aren't just fun to say, they're fun to eat!

But what exactly is an ebelskiver?
A delicious spherical pancake with a filling inside...

My sister gave me a special ebelskiver pan for Christmas along with some
pancake mix. The surface is wonderfully non-stick. I didn't even spray it. 

The mix is chocolate raspberry, and I filled them with a few chocolate chips
before flipping. The first batch I didn't push the chocolate into the batter, so it kindof
melted and crisped on the outside.
(But I didn't have to scrub the pan, and they were still delicious!)

I'm already dreaming of more filled treats to try...
apple and walnut with caramel filling
chocolate pancakes with berries inside
or for a savory treat: ham and brie

Could you imagine setting all those out together for a brunch? Perfect.
Thanks for the great gift Kelsey!

Did anyone else get any great kitchen goodies over the holidays?


  1. Jamer,

    Glad you liked the pan! Hope all is well. Love and Miss YOU! Kelsey :)

  2. Ebelskivers are the best! Not many people know what they are... I have to admit I have NO idea how to make them though... our church back home has an ebelskiver dinner every year and it is the best thing ever. Yours look great.