fall colors leaf cookies

The fall colors are starting to die down here, but these festive cookies 
are a great way to keep the season going just a little bit longer. 
[I'm so not ready for winter!]

I started off drawing designs with cookie icing.
You can always make your own, but the bottled stuff is easy:
just microwave and start decorating.

But my icing was too hot and a few cookies got a little bit messy...

so I started swirling the icing with toothpicks.

After some trial and error, I created some really neat designs.

Enjoy the rest of your autumn [while it lasts!]


  1. These cookies look whole grain, are they? P.S. You could move down South... Fall is still just getting started here in Arkansas!

  2. Those are beautiful!!! As soon as I can figure out how to, I want to make those!

  3. Lovely autumn leafs! Very innovative. These look delishh! http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.com

  4. These cookies are the perfect way to celebrat the fall; they definitely remind us of crisp autumn days in Westchester!

  5. These little leef-cookies are so beautiful! Their colors are combined amazing!:-))

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Carissa: they are gluten-free not whole grain... I tried to add chocolate and the texture got all funky on me [so that's why no recipe- They needed to be more chocolatey!]

  7. These are so beautiful!

  8. So where's the recipe on how to make the cookies?