breakfast egg muffins

Happy 2012! Let's start the year off right with a good breakfast.
These egg muffins are super easy and super versatile.
[Not to mention super tasty.]

I made this batch with swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions, and cooked breakfast sausage.

Start with 6 eggs and a splash of milk, pour into a 6-muffin tin sprayed with non stick.
Add in whatever you like, and bake at 350F for 20 minutes.

I always top mine with hot sauce.
These make for a great breakfast on the go, since you can refridgerate or freeze 
and reheat. We've started making a batch every Sunday to last us through the week.


This also works great with cooked bacon, peppers, really anything you 
would throw in an omelette. Happy breakfast experimenting!


  1. No joke - can you send one in with the Hubby for his awesomely kick-ass co-worker? :)

  2. Yum. We would love these!They look easy too. I would like to request a recipe for that dutch oven you got us..or at least a link for one! :)
    <3 Kelsey