the french press review

 I've had my french press for a little over a week and I'm in love!

 Making coffee in the french press takes a little longer than using a single-serve machines, 
but it's totally worth it. First, you grind the beans...

 You could always buy your beans pre-ground, but grinding them fresh brings out the best flavor.
Just be sure to use coarse grounds, so they don't get stuck in the mesh screen of your press.

 Put the grounds in the press, add hot water, stir, and place the lid on but don't press it down yet.
Then comes the most difficult part: waiting.

After 4 or 5 minutes, push the press down. It will take all the grounds with it.

My press also has a filter over the pour spout to catch any stray grounds.

Now the coffee is ready! Pour, sip, and enjoy!


  1. I'm a french press convert for sure... love it! They are also great for cold-brewing iced coffee.

  2. Oh coffee, how could you get any better? This is the perfect way to enjoy the dark rich java.

  3. Received a french press AND an espresso coffee pot for Xmas this year :D my coffee grinder has never been busier! Woot :D Thanks for the french press love!