if you like piña coladas...

If you like piña coladas, you'll love this lighter version of the classic cocktail.

I still used rum - of course! - but swapped out the sugary pineapple juice and heavy coconut cream for some pineapple coconut water and seltzer. [I've kindof been obsessed with coconut water lately, and the pineapple is my favorite flavor!]

Start with a few ice cubes, then fill the glass about half full with coconut water and top with seltzer and a splash [or two] of rum.

I would highly suggest sipping this on a lawn chair in the sun, preferably topped with a tiny umbrella. I didn't have any tiny umbrellas, so I made something just as festive:

[and then of course I wiggled my drink a little too much while trying to take pictures and splashed some rum on my pineapple... oh well!]



  1. Um, YUM! Thanks for sharing this low-cal recipe for yumminess. I actuallY HAVE some Kraken at home. Can you tell me where you find the coconut water in your grocery store?? Thanks!

    1. Kraken is my favorite rum, it's delicious! I've found the coconut water in different places depending on the store, but usually it's with other drinks or juices, or sometimes in the organic/health foods section. Whole Foods seems to have it everywhere- though it's a lot cheaper at Wegman's near me : )

    2. I found it at WalMart near the cocktail mixers, FYI.

  2. that pinapple in the first pic is adorable. thanks for sharing! i can't wait to try this!

  3. Holy sh*t! I tried one of these tonight and it was freakin' dee-lish-us. THANK YOU for giving me a low-cal summer cocktail!

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