filled cupcakes


This post is not so much a recipe as a technique: how to make filled cupcakes.
Filling your cupcakes is a great way to add a little something extra. 
This technique works well with fillings like jam or jelly, peanut butter, or even pudding. 
(For frosting fillings, you will want to fill the cupcakes after baking.)

To start, prepare your batter as usual and spoon into a pan with paper liners.

We are making chocolate cupcakes filled with strawberry jam...
chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes!

Take a spoon full of jam (or other filling...)

and place directly on top of your batter!

Bake as usual, and the filling will sink into the cupcake as your batter rises.

Sometimes this causes little dimples in the top of your cupcake, 
but this can easily be covered up by frosting.

Or you can enjoy them as is...

the filling makes a great surprise!

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