the jellybean blunder

Well. I was too late to post a recipe for a cute Easter treat, 
so I thought I would come up with a way to use all that leftover candy.  
Jellybeans happen to be my favorite.

I also recently aquired a KitchenAid mixer. The candy-apple red 90th anniversary edition!
My fiance and I flew home for a wedding shower a few weeks ago, put on by our wonderful Mothers.
This mixer was one of many generous (and mostly kitchen-themed) gifts we received. 

As you can imagine, I was itching to try it out. 
In my excitement, I may have not thought things through completely...

Last Christmas, I made a sliced cookie with almonds and dried cherries. I adapted that recipe 
to use the jellybean instead, because I thought they would look interesting when sliced.

The mixer worked wonderfully. It creamed the butter and sugar like a dream. 
Blended in the eggs evenly. And mixed in the flour in no time at all. 

I stirred in the jellybean with a wooden spoon, transferred the dough to 
parchment paper, and rolled into a log.

Sliced them... and they were gorgeous.

But then I baked them, and tasted them.

Far too sweet for even MY sweet tooth!

So the moral of the story is: 
sugar cookie dough + sugary candy bites = too much sugar

I'll be posting a less sugary (and actually edible) recipe later this weekend. 
Thanks for bearing with me through my kitchen mis-adventures :)

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  1. Jamie,
    These are so pretty. They remind me of bubblegum ice cream! Can you make ice cream with that new mixer? That would be really cool to see! :)

    Love, Kelsey