a new arrival

Last weekend, a terrible tragedy occured in my kitchen.

My coffeemaker died.

For the past few years I had been using one of those single-serve pod machines. Husband doesn't drink coffee (I still can't believe he went through grad school and now teaching without picking up the habit) but I need to have a cup or two in the morning. Hello, my name is Jamie, and I'm a caffeine addict.

Except now my coffeemaker leaks all over the counter, making a mess and making me nervous that I'm going to electrocute myself. Not exactly the kind of jolt I want to get going in the morning! So, after some research and surveying my friends, I ordered myself a French Press.

Why a French Press?
- it looks more attractive and takes up less space on my counter
- I can control the strength of my coffee (which is important, because I drink it black!)
- I can make one small cup or enough for several people
- the coffee tastes better since it's fresh brewed, and beans are fresh ground
- single-serve coffee pods and cups are expensive and wasteful
- for the cost of a single-serve machine I bought the press, a grinder, an electric kettle, AND a bag of organic coffee beans!

I went with the Bodum Brazil model. You can order it from their website, or from other retailers like Target. It comes in a rainbow of colors... I chose purple! I ordered the 8-cup model, because it holds 8 "European" sized cups (think cappuccino) which translates to 4 "American" cups.  That way I can make enough for me, and a guest.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I'll be sure to post a full review on it once I do!

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  1. Hey Jamer!
    Haven't checked out the blog for a while. This is funny-I was just talking with Mom about how I want to try and give up coffee again(because I am an addict too)! It's cute, very retro. Hope Luke knows how to make good coffee for you even though he doesn't drink it! :)See you soon.