for coffee and camera lovers

I came across these in my DPS newsletter today and had to share...
Travel coffee mugs disguised as camera lenses! 
(or maybe they are camera lenses disguised as coffee mugs?)

Either way, these would be an awesome holiday gift for the coffee-loving photography nerd 
in your life. Ahem... are you reading, Husband?

They come in two "models": Canon and Nikon zoom.
Both have twisting rubber grips, manual/auto focus switches, and lens cap lids!
(I'm totally geeking out over this, can you tell?)

I'm a Canon girl myself, but the Nikon version actually "zooms" when you twist it!
Are any of my readers photography geeks like me? Which one would you want?

Click here to buy The Camera Lens Mug at the Photojojo Store!

p.s. - this is not a paid advertisement/endorsement!
I just thought they were really fun and wanted to share :) Recipe coming this weekend!


  1. These are awesome! I'm totally ordering one for my husband- he's a Canon guy ;) Thanks for the find!

  2. NIKON!! Nikon all the way!!

  3. So tempted to get one. I'm a cannon girl too, but the zoom..... that might win me over!

  4. Beautiful Images..!!

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