English Tea at the Met

Yesterday, I took a trip into New York City to walk through Central Park and visit the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art with a friend. The Park and the Met are two of my favorite places 
in New York, and we spent hours wandering along paths and through exhibits. After all that 
walking around, we decided to take a break for English Tea at the Petrie Cafe in the Met.

We each started with our own little pot of English Breakfast.

And then, this arrived:

I'm not sure what the proper way to do tea is, so we started from the bottom up.

We had tarragon egg salad, chicken and apple salad...

Cucumber and watercress sandwiches on cranberry walnut bread... yum!
(These were my favorite sandwiches we had with our tea.)

And then they brought out our Croque Monsieur

(Which were basically just little delicious grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.)

Then we moved up to the middle level:
tiny fruit tarts (lemon and raspberry)
frosted poppyseed cake
and some delicious soft roll thing with a walnut buttercream filling

We finished with the currant scones.

I cut mine into thirds so I could try it with all the accouterments. The blueberry preserves
were pretty good, and the apricot preserves were delicious (and full of apricot chunks!)
but the lemon curd was my favorite... sweet and tangy.

Overall, it was a lovely and refreshing experience!
I would definitely go again, but might brush up on my etiquitte first...



  1. I don't know HOW you resisted starting from the top! Those scones were the first things to grab my eye. Jealous :)

  2. It was really difficult to decide where to start! We figured sandwiches first was the "proper" way, but next time I might go top to bottom... the scones really were fantastic!