Christmas is coming!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now that Turkey Day has come and gone, 
I can officially start celebrating Christmas! (I refuse to be one of those people who starts at 
Halloween, I enjoy Thanksgiving too much to let it disappear.) However, I did a little early 
holiday shopping, and I'm already really excited to start baking Christmas cookies and treats!

I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas (you can still bake cookies though!) and not everyone
gets absurdly excited for the holidays like I do... for instance, my cat Beau:

His favorite part of the holidays is knocking ornaments off my tree.
(Found the antlers at Target for $5 and couldn't resist!)

BUT, here are some things that have me excited and inspired to try out some holiday recipes:

My cookie gun! Picked this up at a Williams Sonoma sale this summer with wedding gift cards.
It comes with a TON of shapes that require no rolling and cutting. 

You just make the dough, load the gun, pull the trigger, bake and decorate!

Cookie frosting in an easy to use bottle. 

My trusty Betty Crocker Cooky Book for more conventional cookie inspiration...

And... Candy Cane flavored candy melts!

SO many great ideas, I need to start baking NOW.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Decorating cookies? Pumpkin pie? Fruit cake?

I can't wait to start baking, but some people may be a little tired from all this excitement.


  1. OMG your cat is adorable! I've never seen candy cane candy melts before. Where did you find them?

  2. I found them at a Michaels craft store, that's where I usually buy my candy melts since I like to use the Wilton's brand. You could definitely make your own with mint candy flavoring and red sugar sprinkles if you can't find them!