super bowl bites

It's that time again, friends!
Everyone [Husband and myself included] 
is planning their SuperBowl party menus.

Last year, I whipped up some football cake pops.

And a few extras with the team logos
[it was Colts vs Saints if you don't recall...]

While Husband made his famous five-alarm Chili...

I spiced things up with some cheddar jalapeno cornbread bites.

This year, however, we want to try some new recipes...

Husband has his sights set on turkey meatballs.
I'm contemplating the best way to execute football-shaped brownies.
One friend is bringing her family's legendary Chex Mix.
Another is making authentic enchiladas... uh, yum.

What are your favorite football foods?
To me, it's not football without mexican layer dip!

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  1. I'm doing a big superbowl thing this year, although we do superbowl Monday because it is on in the middle of the night lol.

    I was thinking of making football pops, yours look adorable, I want to make a proper American superbowl feast, so thanks for the ideas. x