valentine cupcake bites

Ever since I discovered cake pops, I've wanted to try my hand 
at the cupcake-shaped ones that Bakerella posted long ago. 
But once I started rolling, I decided to make these 'bites' without the stick.

I used rainbow sprinkles from Williams Sonoma
[I just love their color combo!]
and cherry cordial M&Ms to decorate.

And I piled them up in my white Fiesta gravy boat to serve. 

Who wouldn't love these cute little cupcakes for a Valentine treat?


  1. These are so cute, I love cake pops but haven't been brave enough to try the cupcake pops yet... but your bites turned out great!!!

  2. These are so adorable! Adults would go crazy for them. And I can so totally picture them for a little girl's tea party, too.

  3. Cake pops and cupcakes...It cant get better then that!!Love it,beautiful pictures too!

  4. They are so cute! Beautiful work!

  5. thanks everyone! they were a little more difficult to mold what I had imagined, but worth the effort :)