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Hi, Friends! I wanted to let you know that I've updated my "sites I love" page with some new links. I've been browsing through foodgawker and the interwebs lately looking for fresh inspiration. I'm pretty picky about what I keep in my blogroll, but these sites have been added to my reading list [and I thought you might enjoy reading them too!] For a blog to keep me coming back, the photos have to be gorgeous, the recipes have to be drool-worthy, and the writing has to be entertaining. These blogs deliver on all 3 points. Below is a sampling of recipes I'm itching to try out...

Ginger, Orange, and Chocolate Biscotti from Emma at Poires au Chocolat. I've never attempted biscotti before, but I love the flavors of orange and dark chocolate together. And I love ginger. And I love biscotti. So I'm pretty sure I would love these.

One-Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes for Two from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. Seriously, how many times do you want cupcakes but don't want the hassle of making a full batch? [That will just sit around your house and beg to be eaten... all by you?]

Irish Potato Candy from Joy the Baker: I've lived near Philadelphia for over 3 years now, but have never heard of these traditional St Patty's treats before. I know the holiday has passed, but these little coconut candies rolled in cocoa and powdered sugar look too good to wait a full year to try. Maybe I'll make them pink and call them Easter Eggs?

Speaking of eggs... check out these Dippy Eggs and Soldiers from G at Kiss my Spatula: Eggs and toast never looked so classy. Usually I prefer my eggs over-easy, but the idea of dipping my toast into a little egg cup just sounds worth the trouble of figuring out how to soft-boil an egg.

And finally... Broccoli Salad from Mary the Food Librarian. Yes, I know. Broccoli. Not what you would expect to find me lusting after. Let me explain: this salad looks like the same recipe as the broccoli salad I eat at Whole Foods nearly every time I go there. And it has bacon. And onions. And mayo. Girl cannot live on cake pops alone! [And don't worry... Mary has many delectable baked goods as well, and can do some pretty amazing things with jello!]

Happy reading!

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