birthday cake pops

I've had a bit of an internet problem lately... meaning, I had none.
Now that that pesky little problem [ha!] has been dealt with, 
I'm back to catch you up on all my recent kitchen activities.

A few weeks ago I went out to a birthday celebration for my friend Lisa.
Last year I brought chocolate-dipped peanut butter cake pops to her birthday.
Of course, I had to bring cake pops again this year!

I baked a vanilla cake the night before and crumbled it.
I found these large rectangular ziploc containers that hold 1 whole crumbled cake.
Perfect for overnight storage, or even freezing half a cake when you don't need a full one.

The next day I mixed in vanilla frosting and dipped into bright orange candy melts.
  I took some yellow candy and melted it in a ziplock bag, then drizzled over the tops.

I let them set up and wrapped them in plastic bags with twist ties.
I find these bags at Michael's and they come with the ties.
Perfect for when you need to transport a few pops!

 Here's the birthday girl with a cake pop bouquet!
Lisa always gets super excited when she hears I'm making cake pops.
Come to think of it... most people do!

We all had a great time hanging out, drinking beers, eating stromboli, and of course cake pops.
[I bet you didn't know that cake pops and beer went well together!]

Until next time...

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