Savannah Pralines and River Street Sweets

Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? It's a lovely town.
Near the ocean, just oozing with Southern charm.
They have beautiful historic homes and 22 green squares decorating their streets.
I could totally move there and spend my life lounging on a sprawling porch, reading a book, 
while I drink [un]sweet tea with mint and lemon. And of course eating pralines.

Pralines. Buttery, salty, sweet, crunchy, and loaded with Georgia pecans.

Someone I work with recommended I check out River Street Sweets while I was in town.
They claim to be "World Famous" pralines. I certainly won't be the one to dispute that claim. 

My only complaint is that when I carried these back with me on the plane, I got stuck in security.
I was stopped for a half hour because apparently pralines look suspicious in the X-ray machine. 
They had to put my stuff through FIVE times! Eventually I made it though, with the pralines.

I mean really, how bad would it have been to be stuck in Savannah indefinitely with a box of these?

I also had to pick up some bear claws, cashew and caramel-loving girl that I am.
I'm happy to report they were also phenomenal.

Stay tuned for another bit of my trip- a meal at a true Southern institution!

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