Fried Chicken at Lady and Son's

Y'all know who Paula Deen is, right?
And y'all know she has a restaurant in Savannah, GA?

Well of course I had to go while I was there on vacation!

I started with an unsweet tea to drink.  Sorry to all you sweet tea diehards. 
I drink my coffee black, and I drink my tea unsweetened. Even in the South. 
The lemon and the mint were a nice touch though.

While we looked over the menu, they brought us out a biscuit and a cornbread pancake thing.
I'm still not sure what it was, but darn was it good! 

I had a long and serious debate over what to order. The whole menu looked amazing, 
but I settled on the Southern Buffet so that I could get the fried chicken.
I don't eat fried chicken often- Husband tells me not to learn how to make it, 
because then he will make me cook it all the time and we would eat nothing but fried chicken.

The chicken was amazing! The mashed potatoes and other sides were good, 
but nothing out of the ordinary. I think a made-to-order dish would have been a little better, 
but I'm glad I got the fried chicken. [I can't believe it wasn't on the main menu!]

All in all it was a fun experience, and one I would recommend trying!