home made apple sauce

Husband and I have started a new tradition.
Every fall, we head to the local orchard to pick apples.

And then we make apple sauce.
It's as easy as easier than pie. 

Start with a few pounds of apples, cored and sliced, in a big pot.
No sugar or water, just apples. A little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg is ok.
Heat until they get mushy, stirring often.

Put them in a food mill and crank away.

And you get this: sauce.

Thick, sweet, delicious apple sauce.

See... WAY easier than pie.


  1. Oh wow what a fantastic idea! I will definitely be making some, it is times like this I wish I had a larder to fill. X

  2. What color is your nailpolish? I love it. Applesauce looks good too :)