spicy chipotle braised beef

Lately, I've had an obsession with making a roast every Sunday. In order to keep things interesting, Husband and I have a few versions we make. This spicy shredded chipotle version is perfect for making tacos, enchiladas, or serving with rice.

To start, you'll need the following:
1 white onion
1 can tomato sauce
1 can chipotle peppers
3 beers, preferably lager or dark ale

Salt and pepper both sides of a nice chuck roast. You can sprinkle on a little garlic powder or cumin too if you like. Sear the roast in a dutch oven with a little olive oil until it's nice and crusty.

Pour in your beers to deglaze the pan, then add the tomato sauce, peppers, and diced onions. Pop the whole thing in the oven at 350F for a few hours. I typically cook it for 1 hour plus 1 hour for every pound of meat. [So a 1.5 lb roast cooks for 2.5 hours, a 2 lb roast cooks for 3 hours]

Keep an eye on the roast and take it out when it's fork-tender. You should be able to pull the meat apart with two forks or even wooden spoons. If you can't, let it cook a little longer. One very important thing to remember: pull out the chipotle peppers and discard before shredding the meat. Otherwise it will be WAY too spicy.


We used this particular roast for some quick tacos with shredded cheddar, pickled onions + jalapenos,  and sliced avocado. The leftovers also work great as enchilada filling, on nachos, with rice and beans, or make a killer sandwich.

Happy braising, enjoy!


  1. Yum! I love using roast to make tacos!

  2. This looks/sounds awesome! A sort of "BBQ-ed" chuck roast... YUM!