punkin ale and pumpkin cake pops

One of my favorite things about fall is the abundance of pumpkin flavored things.

And one of my favorite pumpkin flavored things is: pumpkin beer!

AND my favorite pumpkin beer... Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale.

I love a lot of their beers, but this one became a fall favorite the first time I tried it.
The pumpkin taste is right on, not too weak and not overwhelming.
And the finish is clean... no funky aftertaste like some other pumpkin ales.

Plus, it says "punk" on the bottle in a cute little pumpkin and it makes me smile!

The cute little punkin inspired me to make some cute little pumpkins...

Cake pops! Pumpkins were super easy: round cake balls slightly flattened with a green tic-tac stem.
These would be great for a Halloween party!

I also tried making some Jack 'o Lanterns, but the Wilton's food writer I bought was way
to hard to write on candy coating. These two were the only decent ones I got out of the whole bunch.
Has anyone ever tried edible pens/markers? I am open to suggestions! 
These mostly just scraped off the candy. I think next time I will use a black candy writer pen...


  1. these are so adorable! thanks for sharing... I'm going to attempt some pumpkin cake pops this weekend :)

  2. I've tried and failed each time. I think it's because I use Crisco to thin out the candy melts - or at least that's my theory on the problem.

    I successfully piped melted candy to make volleyball cake pops recently - just get pastry bags and a very small round tip to use! Be careful though, you have to work quickly before the candy melts cool off inside the tip! Cleaning it out afterwards was the fun part :)

  3. Jenny- good luck! let us know how they turn out :)

    Anonymous- I use Crisco to thin mine too. I really think I just need a "softer" marker, and maybe more time for the candy to set. I have a set of actual candy writers- tubes full of candy melts that you heat up and then use to write or decorate with. (If you check out my football cake pops, that's what I used to add the laces.) Wilton's makes a set of 4 (blue, yellow, red, white) and Willimas Sonoma sells them individually in a variety of colors. It's the same idea as piping but less mess, and when the candy starts to set you just pop it back in hot water for a bit. I didn't have black at the time I made these pumpkins but I picked on up for next time!

  4. I need to look into ordering those! Maybe I have them.. and are just using it wrong. I need to look into this further, because piping candy on was SUCH a mess! Thanks!

  5. The kids in my neighborhood LOVED the pumpkins! I didn't do faces but they enjoyed "chomping" the pumpkin pops just the same :)

  6. Congrats Jenny, glad they turned out!

    I have to apologize because I have been calling them "candy writers" but Wilton calls them "candy decorating pens". I just bought mine at Michael's which is where I get my candy melts. I can't find the others I have on Williams Sonoma's website but they carry them in store.

    Here's a link to Wilton's site:


  7. A friend uses a plastic squeeze bottle to pipe her candy melts. When it thickens she just pops it in the microwave for a few seconds and it's ready to go. No need to add Crisco or anything else and no metal tip to fry the microwave!

  8. punkin ale always reminds me of harry potter. hahaha.
    those pumpkin pops are so cute~
    maybe i'll give this a tryt newxt halloween