coming soon!

I've got a ton of fall recipes, photos, and adventures to share with you, but I'm a little backed up on editing right now. So, I thought I'd let you have a sneak peek of what's coming in the next few weeks:

Pumpkins, and lots of 'em!

Pumpkin beer, pumpkin cake pops, pumpkin seeds, possibly pumpkin pie, 
and most definitely pumpkin pecan chocolate chip cookies. yum.

I'll also show you a super versatile quiche recipe that can be used for breakfast.
Or brunch. Or lunch. Or dinner.

and last but not least... more apples! I have a "drunken apple cake" recipe from after the 
orchard trip, and step by step instructions on how I made the apple cake pops.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous as is, you don't need to edit:) Hurry up and post soon !