how to: make apple-shaped cake pops

 I wanted to post some detailed instructions about the apple cake pops I made when we 
went to the orchard a few weeks ago. That was not the first time I had made apple cake pops. 
 Last fall I made them as my first cake pops ever, and took photos step-by-step. 
Instead of re-taking all the photos, I thought I would post them so you can see how much 
your photography can improve with a year's practice :)

Start by baking a cake, letting it cool, and crumbling into a large bowl.
I used white cake so the apples would be more realistic when you bit into them.

Mix in 1/2 to 3/4 can of frosting until you reach moldable, "cookie dough" consistency.

Shape into apples: round balls that are narrower at the bottom and have a dimple on top.
You can also pre-poke holes for your stems at this point.

Flip the apples over, and poke a candy-dipped stick about halfway in.

Let the candy set, then dip the whole apple into melted candy coating.
Push the stick into a styrofoam block to dry.

 Before the candy sets, you can add a stem and leaf. I used a broken end of a small pretzel stick 
for a stem, and a green star sprinkle as a leaf. You could use whatever you have on hand.

The apples are adorable in both red and green, and probably yellow too!
These would be great for your favorite teacher, student, or fall activity.


  1. I'm encouraged by the photo progress :) And these are too cute!

  2. Thanks Carissa! Glad you were encouraged :) Maybe I'll do a "food photography tips" post sometime to share all my "tricks"!

  3. you manually molded the apples?!
    WOW! it must have been hard work. they really look like apples and i bet they taste great:D

  4. I attempted these tonight and lets just say....I need to practice A LOT!! I want to make these for my college graduation (I'm an education triple major!) Thanks for sharing these with us!!! I found that while molding it helps to have semi wet hands (unless I'm not putting enough frosting in it!)

  5. Ok what kind of candy melts do u use??? I have tried merckens and wilton and never get that smooth matte look that u have!!! Please please let me know what u use!!

  6. how much candy melts do i need??

  7. These are so cute so creative good job thanks for sharing!

  8. The colors on these are fantastic! So life like.

  9. i can't get a smooth finish either, any tips?

    1. Hi! I've made a lot of cake pops so I just want to help you! When u melt the chocolate put a couple TBS of Cisco in it, it thins out the chocolate! Also you can melt the chocolate and slowly add veg oil until you get the right consistency....then once you dip, let excess chocolate drop off' hope this helps!

  10. I really want to do this for my high school graduation!! I'm a high school senior and I really want to do something for all my favorite teachers!! I really want to do this. hopefully they come out nice and smooth otherwise idk :(

  11. You have to shake the excess candy off

  12. Stunning!!!!! I am going to try this, great for a teacher.


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