firecracker cake pops and other 4th of July goodies!

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up I spent the 4th at my family's cabin in northern Michigan. We celebrated with sparklers, fireworks over the lake, and of course: the boat parade. This year Husband and I aren't able to make it back to "the mitten", but we are taking a short trip to Maine. I thought it would be fun to share some great holiday baking ideas. Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have something delicious you want to share :)

Firecracker Cake Pops
This is basically just a reincarnation of the Pop Rock Cake Pops I posted last January. [In fact, I even said they would be coming back in July!] The color variations on these would be endless... red velvet cake or blue candy melts? Pop Rocks come in both red and blue, so you could even mix them together on white candy.

Patriotic Flag Cake from 17 and Baking
How cool would it be to bring this cake to a 4th of July picnic?  It looks all plain and innocent from the outside, but once you cut in: FLAG SURPRISE! The instructions seem a little complicated, but you basically bake 3 layers of a round cake [one red, one white, one blue], carve a circle out of the blue layer, and fill it with shorter red and white layers. Hmm... I bet your could use the extra cake scraps to make cake pops!

Fourth of July Cupcakes from Baking Bites
If carving out a layered cake sounds like too much work, you can just mix the batters together in a festive cupcake wrapper. You simple divide the batter into 3 separate bowls and add coloring to 2 portions. [I've also seen this done with 7 colors to make rainbow cupcakes... amazing!] Top with white frosting and fresh blueberries and strawberries to continue the red white and blue theme.

And if cake isn't your thing, but berries are... here's another recipe from the archives that would make a great 4th of July dessert. Since this strawberry pie came straight from my Grandmother's recipe box [and the recipe came straight from a neighbor at our family's cabin] it's fairly safe to say this pie has been made during several of my family's 4th celebrations!


  1. Where in Northern Michigan? I spent my childhood summers at Elk Lake and now we have a family cabin in Naubinway.

  2. Not quite as far north as you! Our Cabin is in Clare. But I just drove by Elk Lake a few weeks ago- I ran a 1/2 marathon in Traverse City Memorial Day weekend!

  3. What a small world. Michigan summers are the BEST, just cannot be beat!